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    • What is a Surety Bond and How it Differs from Insurance? January 6, 2019
      Small business owners have several ways to protect their financial position from loss, some of which are better understood than others. Insurance coverage, often in the form of liability insurance, and surety bonds are two of the most common types of protection small businesses may implement. While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are […]
    • 7 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Painting Project on Time and on Budget January 6, 2019
      There is nothing worse than a commercial painting project going sideways. Typically commercial projects are on the larger scale, so the money can be good but these jobs can go south if you’re not attentive and thorough. Here are 7 tips to make a commercial project successful and be profitable: 1. Bid the job with […]
    • Slurry Solution December 16, 2018
      Outpak  Slurry Solution is specifically designed to help you save time, money and labor at your job site. Our innovative product makes your slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient. Just mix Outpak Slurry Solution into the slurry waste, wait a few short minutes for it to solidify and then you will […]
    • 2019 Painting Profits Summit! December 16, 2018
      Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and other industry GIANTS invite you to attend the 3rd Annual Painting Profits Summit! This year’s event takes place in Chattanooga, TN. January 24-26th 2019! Room discounts expire on December 29th, 2018, so act fast! Learn more by visiting or call the offices of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors […]
    • What can Online Reviews do for you? December 3, 2018
      When it comes to sales growth, the online presence and reputation of your business is tremendously important. Positive online reviews are nothing short of essential to your success as a business in today’s market. For the skeptics out there, the ten statistics listed below show just how significant online reviews can be: A business’s Star […]
    • This Seasonality of Our Trade: Thoughts, Reflections, and Advice December 2, 2018
      Planning is not limiting the future, nor is it the avoidance of opportunity and spontaneity. If we plan for 10% growth and achieve 15%, this feels great - we don’t limit our growth based on our projection - we simply use the budget and plan as a map of what we hope to achieve.   The […]
    • 10 Different Applications Of Sandblasting Everyone Should Know May 24, 2018
      Sandblasting, or oftentimes called as abrasive grit blasting, is an effective way to clean and prepare surfaces. Skilled workers such as craftsmen, machinists, auto mechanics, and etc. use this process in their jobs. While the method is termed sandblasting, the abrasive material used is not only limited to sand. Depending on the surface requiring treatment, […]
    • Research Shows Contractor Expectations For Distributors Are Changing May 24, 2018
      The way building products manufacturers traditionally engaged with distributors and contractors has changed, and yesterday’s marketing strategies to connect with these audiences fails to work as well as it used to. In-person sales calls, lunch-and-learns, phone calls and routine training seminars were the primary ways manufacturers engaged with the distributor sector, built loyalty, shared new […]
    • Best Ways to Monitor a Business Website’s Performance May 22, 2018
      A website serves as a hallmark of business’s success and offerings. It requires intensive efforts, time, money, and more resources to make a website perform well. You might hire a team of qualified developers, designers, analysts and even the greatest content writers who could create a fantastic site for your business. However, you will still […]
    • 7 Questions about Paint Colors with The Voice of Color: PPG Paints May 13, 2018
      We recently reached out to PPG Paints, to see if they had any tips they could give us on selecting paint colors for your home and the process on how they selected their most recent Color of the Year, Black Flame. Dee Schlotter, Senior Color Marketing Manager, was kind enough to answer our questions. Now, […]