Purchasing your first vehicle is a very important milestone. This is because the independence that comes with buying your own car is a really great privilege. And, at the same time, becoming an owner of a vehicle simply means that you have got a very important choice to make and this include the coverages that you need in your first auto insurance policy on your own. 

Auto Insurance Policies 

It is also very tempting to ask your car agent for the most affordable policy. But, after tall, you have a lot of other expenses to focus on now that you are already a certified car owner. But, once you have fully understood what exactly every part of your car insurance policy covers, you might then start to decide that cheaper is not necessarily better. So, think about it – the moment your vehicle was involved in a car accident or let’s say you have seriously injured another person involved in the accident, a few cash of insurance coverage every month may be money well spent. 

Below, you will be able to learn some of the most common coverages that you should consider for your car insurance policy. 

Auto Insurance Coverage that Helps You Pay for the Damages You Cause

Basically, there are 2 kinds of liability coverage and both are required by the law in most states.  

  •   Bodily injury liability – this applies if a person is injured because of the vehicle accident that you caused and this insurance coverage can be able to help pay for all your legal fees, including the lost wages and medical bills of the person. Oftentimes, this coverage includes 2 separate limitations – one that applies to every person injured ($50,000 for instance) as well as the 2nd one that primarily applies to every accident ($100,00 for instance). 
  • Property damage liability – The moment you happen to damage the property of another person involved in a vehicular accident that you caused, such as the garage door or a fence, this insurance coverage can surely help protect you. As a matter of fact, property damage coverage might help in reimbursing the losses of the other party, which is why you do not have to pay them using your own money. 

Auto Insurance Coverage Can Help Protect You If You Are Hurt

  • PIP or Personal Injury Protection – If you are injured due to a car accident, this certain insurance coverage might help in paying your health insurance deductible and medical expenses that exceed the limits of your health insurance. Aside from that, this coverage might also help in paying for the loss of your services as well as lost wages, including picking up your children from school every day, while you are still recovering. The worst-case scenario is that personal injury protection may also help in covering your entire funeral expenses. But, remember that PIP isn’t always available in all states. If you want to know more about different auto insurance policies in your state and its scope, simply click here.